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Premier Stairs and Floors value each and every client we work for and leave lasting impressions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service at the best value. We are there with you from start to finish, from helping you pick out your staircase design or flooring, to manufacturing and installing them for you timely and efficiently. 

What We Can Do For You!

Stairs & Railings

  • Remove and dispose old carpet, staples, trim & old iron railing 

  • Remove and re install existing railings

  • Leveling old stairs & eliminating squeaks

  • Install new treads, risers, stringers & corner beads

  • Install new nosing (straight & curved)

  • Install new spindles, posts & handrails


Pre-finished & Unfinished Hardwood Flooring, Laminates, & Bamboo

  • Remove and dispose old vinyl flooring, carpet, pad & staples

  • Rescrewing squeaky subfloor, leveling uneven subfloor

  • Install new spruce plywood, underpad, cork

  • Install pref. hardwood, laminates and engineered (nail, glue, float, click, etc.)

  • Install unfinished hardwood (any species & size) and sanding & finishing

  • Install custom borders, frames & designs

  • Install nosing, thresholds, reducers, transitions, etc.


Resanding, Refinishing, Repairs

  • Repair old strips & plank flooring (matching species & grades)

  • Resanding and refinishing old hardwood & softwood floors

  • Applying custom match stains & finishes

  • Rebuffing and recoating old & new floors

  • Resanding and refinishing old stairs & railings

  • Heavy resanding of painted floors

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